Media Placement

Good adverts become bad adverts when they’re not placed well. So how do you get your ad in the right space online; in the paper; on a billboard; on the radio or on TV? You call ACT.

Established in 2001 as a cutting edge advertising and production company, ACT has the personnel and expertise to effectively strategise and place your campaigns on the medium(s) that would best target the market you are trying to reach, whether in Southern Africa, Africa or anywhere else in the world.

We are essentially a one stop shop for all your radio, TV, cinema, digital, outdoor, corporate and training needs. We provide you with one contact point for all of your needs so you don’t have to deal with lots of different media placement agents. This thus allows us to negotiate larger discounts on your behalf with the various networks.

At ACT we pride ourselves on our excellent service and work ethics and promise that you would not be disappointed should you place your next marketing campaign with us. We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to prove ourselves to you.