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Advertising Cinema Television (ACT) – an adverting agency located in Fourways, recently collected and contributed toys to the Witkoppen Health and Welfare Centre.
ACT has a policy of making a donation each year to an institution, school, orphanage or crèche which might be in need of help.
George Garcia, the CEO of ACT, believes strongly in giving back to the community.
"We are living in an amazing country rich in beauty and culture, but each day while travelling to work we see the unemployed and destitute begging on street corners. 
It’s important that we all try to give something back to the community, no matter how small.  We decided several years ago that we would make it an annual event to give something back, whether it’s blankets, food or toys” he says.
After months of getting friends and loved ones to donate toys, Alexandra Smith and Charell Stopes from ACT approached Janet Malone (the Business Development Manager of the Witkoppen Health and Welfare Centre), who was only too happy to hear about the donation.
Many of the beneficiaries of the service provided by Witkoppen live in the informal settlements close to the Centre.  Many are unemployed and live in poverty without the most basic of necessities.
The Witkoppen health and Welfare Centre is entirely donor funded organisation with no funds to spoil the child patients.
"It was a treat to receive these toys and to see the smiles on the children's  faces."  Janet said.
ACT is already working on donations for their next drive at the end of 2015.
Any company or individual wanting to donate toys, food, stationery, toiletries or peanut butter in plastic jars are more than welcome to contact Alexandra on 082 770 9142.
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